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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Curing Cancer Made Easy – The Easy Facts That Your Doctor Will Not Inform You Part 1

We have been taught, indoctrinated, and essentially told that doctors (and even nurses, in some cases) know what's best for us, especially when it comes to the well-being of our bodies. And to be fair, most of the time they really do know all the facts and figures and solutions and outcomes of the sickness or disease we are afflicted with. Most of the time…

Everybody knows what a cancer is, right? Next to AIDS, cancer is the most-feared condition there is. Unfortunately for us, a lot of our experiences with cancer are with someone close to us or even a loved one who is suffering from it and are looking for various ways of curing cancer.

The next few paragraphs will probably turn you off and make you stop reading the rest of this article, but I believe it is my responsibility to report this.

Curing cancer has always been guesswork. Yes, you read that right, guesswork. The reason is that if it is not guesswork and the solution is already out there, why in the world are saying that it is still an incurable disease?

Nobody knows how to eliminate the cancer cells and replace them with new ones, without killing the patient, nobody. That is the plain and simple truth.

Cancer - Through a Different Perspective

Here is an interesting proposition; and this will go against everything that you have learned about cancer and about what you think the "experts" (i.e. doctors) know about it.

For decades, we have viewed cancer as a sickness, an illness, a disease; when in actuality, it is not. It is a symptom. A manifestation. An indicator. "Of what?" you ask. I'm glad you did.

Our body is so complex that even centuries of research and study can't fully comprehend what it is capable of. Our body has natural antibodies that fight toxins. Natural soldiers that drive out anything that is surplus in our body, from vitamins, minerals, toxins; even the type that causes cancer.

Simply put, a lump or tumor is basically a balloon that contains all the bad toxins. And this balloon is devotedly keeping the deadly toxins from spreading throughout the body via the bloodstream. This is the good news.

Now the bad news. When we notice the lump, we see a doctor. Doctor wants to be "sure" what it is (which means he has no idea and just wants more information and data), so he orders a biopsy.

Going back to our "balloon" illustration, having a biopsy is like bursting that balloon just to make sure that air is definitely what's inside. Now imagine what happens to the air in the balloon when it bursts. Right! It spreads everywhere and anywhere.

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