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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Curing Cancer Made Easy – The Easy Facts That Your Doctor Will Not Inform You Part 2

Curing Cancer Made Easy – The Easy Facts That Your Doctor Will Not Inform You Part 2

Author: john daniel

Now when the lump or tumor is punctured, what happens to the toxins being contained?  Right! It spreads everywhere and anywhere. So instead of curing cancer, it is actually making it worse. Instead of cleaning the toxins, you are actually expediting the "killing" process.


Oh how wrong have we been!  And the worst part? The worst part is that the doctors, hospitals, even the government are all too stubborn and proud to admit this. Maybe losing billions of dollars in the "curing cancer" research industry might play a small part in that (duh!)


So, what does a committed and selfless physician, fervently looking for ways of curing cancer, supposed to do? He can always start by looking outside the box. Outside of his comfort zone. Outside of what he has been taught his whole life.



Cancer - Alternatives to the Standard


When I say "standard," I mean our "accepted and accustomed" methods that are, frankly, not working and are actually more harmful than beneficial to the patient.


Don't get me wrong. I admit, curing cancer is not simple, but how we are all going about it is dead wrong. And emphasis on the word "dead."


Instead of ordering myriads of lab tests and procedures, doctors should study more intently and more earnestly how a tumor works; and how it is actually helping the body in the toxins-filtering process.  Then, and only then, can they start thinking about curing cancer.


Doctors should learn from nature. Nature is teaching us many things if we only listen. Our bodies, for example, already has a way to combat, filter, and kill the excess toxins in our system. It would be wise for our experts to start with that.


They have to get past the idea that cancer is the disease itself, and start treating it for what it really is, a symptom, a manifestation, an indication that there is excess toxins in the body. And then accept the fact that our bodies are more complex that we think.


The best thing that the doctors and other so-called experts can do is to find out how our bodies work against these excess toxins, see how our bodies react with preventive measures, and then aid and assist these measures accordingly and fanatically.


Like the saying goes, "If you can't beat them, learn how they do it, and then find better way to beat them!"  Actually, that's just my opinion, but it's true, right?


If we've spent decades looking for ways of curing cancer and still haven't been successful, then we probably need to rethink a lot of things. Never mind reputation. Never mind orthodoxy. Desperate times, desperate measures!


Curing cancer can happen. Already there are dozens of websites specifically designed to target this need. all you need to do is research, and then research some more.


The answer is out there. Its about time we learn something new. Its about time we get serious; before it's too late for someone, maybe even someone we love and care about.


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